Garrett’s Projects

Sunnan Synth (IKEA Solar Lamp Hack)

This project was inspired by Jan van Nuenen who created a web page (including youtube video) about a noise maker / synth he hacked from an IKEA Lamp. IKEA sells the SUNNAN Lamp for about $20, which is a good price for the quality of the product. The solar cell / battery pack is fairly […]

Flashing LED Helmet

                      In September 2013, I crashed my mountain bike and ended up with a slightly cracked full face helmet. It was the worst crash the I’ve ever crashed, and I wrote a story about it here. I thought of what I wanted to do with […]

Atari Punk Console

  Building an Atari punk console is a great project for learning electronics skills. During the course of building one, you will become familiar with resistors, capacitors (polarized and non-polarized), power supplies, a speaker, a switch and an integrated circuit. This breadboard has a few other chips on it, not used in the Atari Punk […]

Hallway Lighting with LED Strips

    Walking down a dark hallway is scary! You’ve got to look for things popping out of the doors and watch your step at the same time. It’s better if you have some light to brighten things up. It’s even better if the lights extend the entire way down the hallway, and you can […]

Five Years Out Art Challenge

In February 2014, Katy Casper-Gevargis invited me to join a team of artists whose goal was to submit a winning idea to the Arrow Five Years Out Challenge sponsored by Arrow Electronics. This is “an international challenge to inspire artists to take the concept of innovation and express what five years out looks like in […]

Chime Zone

Take a musical journey around the world in just four notes Chime Zone is an interactive world clock with 24 city names on its face that correspond to time zones. Four times an hour, a chime signal is sent from the Arduino microcontroller to a MIDI-capable instrument which indicates the time of day as well as […]

Halloween Door Knocker

In 2013, a guy named Chuck was featured on His project was to animate a cheap plastic Halloween door knocker with a servo and some LEDs. I thought I’d take a swing at this project, adding motion sensing and a customize-able sound that you can record with the attached microphone. Here’s my version:   Parts […]

Lunar Phase Weather Station

Parts List: WeMos D1 Mini, (Under $3.00 on AliExpress) SPI or I2C OLED Display, 0.96″ or 1.3″ (Under $5.00 on Ebay) 18 leds from 1 meter WS2812 non-waterproof strip, 60 LEDs per meter ($6.00 on Ebay, enough for 3 Lunar Phase Weather Stations) 3D Printed Parts from G4lile0. I used TinkerCad to make two versions of a bigger electronics […]


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