Ongoing Project: Spaceship Menorah

The sculpture’s PEX tubes are laid out on the floor using some cardboard discs to help visualize the translucent acrylic supports.

This project started with the idea of creating a wall mounted sculpture using seven 5 meter long pixels controlled by an ESP8266 and an MSGEQ7. I got inspiration from Garrett Mace, Northern Lights Electronic Design, and another ESP + MSG project.

This idea was developed after explorimenting with the Tower of Power project that was in progress at the time.

The number seven was chosen because the MSG chip outputs seven analog voltages corresponding to audio input frequency. Since I wanted to mount it to a wall in my house, I decided that each five meter strip needed to be doubled back on itself. To add some extra geometry, I decided to break the tubes into different lengths and arrange them in a shape that later looked like a spaceship. When I learned that Jewish menorahs (not the ones used for Chanukah) use seven candles or lights, I decided to dub this project “Spaceship Menorah”.